The Coach's Counter 2022


The Coach's Counter, couples context, capabilities, and coaching to create and develop transferable and actionable leadership competencies with the precision of management skills to create highly effective leaders at all levels.  


This Month's Coach's Counter topic:

Navigating Through Transition: Creating Your Personal Change Strategy

August 18 from 12:00 - 1:30 pm ET

During this season of transformation, we find ourselves in a constant state of navigating change.  How prepared are we to navigate through transition?  In this month's Coach's Counter Conversation, we will explore the different types of change and learn the techniques to develop a personal change strategy. 
As we gear up for a conversational peer coaching session on Navigating through transition: Creating Your Personal Change Strategy we invite you to join us virtually on August 18th, 12 - 1:30P ET.
This is the perfect session for anyone navigating through change or interested in acquiring tools to implement changes more smoothly and to have those changes better accepted. This workshop will also give all participants an understanding of how change is implemented and some tools for managing their reactions to change.
  • List the steps necessary for preparing a change strategy and building support for the change
  • Describe the WIIFM – the individual motivators for change
  • Employ strategies for gathering data, addressing concerns and issues, evaluating options, and adapting a change direction
  • Describe the four states of Appreciative Inquiry



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