Meet Daphne B. Latimore

Certified Executive Coach | Speaker | Author | Group Facilitator

Daphne B. Latimore is the founder and Chief Executive  of D.B. Latimore Professional Services Group, LLC a boutique firm specializing in Business Management Services, Professional Coaching and Workforce Seminars.

As a senior HR Practitioner and Corporate Executive Daphne’s leadership accomplishments have been cultivated within both the public and private sectors, with extensive experience in coaching and consulting senior leaders across diverse lines of business.

Daphne’s business acumen, her 20 years of strategic and operational expertise and the application of Human Capital principles have been credited for successfully transforming and aligning domestic and international HR organizations with corporate business imperatives. She specializes in establishing sustainable workforce productivity programs and creating frameworks to support enterprise wide transitions. Her background includes cultural transformation, talent management and organizational effectiveness.  Additionally, she is a skilled professional in the leadership of large scale integration efforts for mergers and acquisitions as well as oversight of corporate  divestitures . Daphne is a featured columnist for Onyx Magazine, providing insightful guidance on career management.

Daphne has a Masters degree in Public Administration from Troy State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Bethune-Cookman University.  She received her advanced leadership training and development through various corporate university programs including Oxford University-Said Business School, University of Michigan, and University of New Hampshire.

As a Certified Executive Coach, she received her comprehensive training through the Center for Creative Leadership and certification credentials from the Center for Executive Coaching.  She is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and Human Capital Strategist (HCS).

Daphne is passionate about advancing Human Resources as a profession and is committed to ensuring that “PEOPLE” are an organization’s greatest resource.  As a result of her commitment she developed the Productivity Powered by P.E.O.P.L.E. ®  framework based on her years of experience working with leaders at all levels to improve the workforce productivity of their organization.

"Aligning the strategy of your organization to the leadership model of the people who will propel it is an equation that Daphne knows thoroughly. She has assisted me in gaining deep insight into the relationship of individual leadership assessments to constructing and executing effective leaders for complex organizations. Daphne is a critically thinking people person who takes a full-spectrum perspective to understanding the individual. Most human capital professionals can point out how leaders are perceived by others, however Daphne goes to the next level. She brings a unique aptitude and discipline for turning those perceptions into ways to bring out the best in leaders" -  Chris D'Ascenzo, Senior Executive


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Productivity Powered by P.E.O.P.L.E.®

DB Latimore operates from the firm belief that when policies, procedures and programs (P) are aligned with the efficiencies (E) of tools and systems, we optimize (O) our resources through product (P) affinity and collaborative leadership (L) to enable an engaged (E) workforce.

“Daphne is the epitome of a senior human resources professional. She has in-depth knowledge of growing business, coaching line managers—especially me for three plus years, motivating people, and bringing the rare quality of explaining rules, regulations, and policies in terms that enable and help a line manager succeed. Daphne was my regular mentor and advisor helping me work through numerous challenges and opportunities. I highly recommend her for any business seeking to get the best out of their team.” - Roy Combs, Senior Executive