Situational On the Spot Coaching

On-the-Spot Coaching for Professionals

> Have You Been Trying to Solve a Professional or Personal Situation and Need Help?

> Do You Feel a Listening Ear with Experience Would Be Helpful with Brainstorming Solutions?

> Would You Value Having Multiple Opportunities to Discuss Situations as They Arise?


If so, DB Latimore Professional Services Group (PSG) is here to help!


We offer On-the-Spot Professional and Leadership Coaching for professionals at all levels interested in coaching on real-time situations for solutions. This package includes three (3) 60-minute sessions to be used over 60 days.

The On-the-Spot Professional and Leadership Coaching service is an excellent opportunity to work with a coach on resolving a dynamic or complex work situation. Coaching calls may focus on setting a goal, implementation of a strategic initiative, employee performance management, workforce productivity or a variety of other areas.


Here's how this service works:

  1. You review the Coaching Agreement and Terms BEFORE making payment
  2. Upon approval of the Agreement, you will then make your payment of $525 USD
  3. Once your payment is processed, you'll be sent a Welcome Letter with your username and password.
    • You'll use the login links provided in the Welcome Letter to access our private client area and complete your Enrollment Form to get things rolling.
    • You'll also use the login links to access Daphne's calendar to schedule your first and subsequent sessions. 
  4. Before each session, you will login and submit a Call Strategy form that explains the reason for the session and your desired outcomes. Submitting this form will help prepare Daphne for the session and allow you to get to the heart of the matter and solutions quicker.


Register: On the Spot Situational Coaching


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is this package different from your regular coaching packages?

On-the-Spot Coaching is designed to help you resolve an immediate dilemma. You use the sessions for situations that arise and need quick fixes within a 60-day period. With this package there is no commitment, no formal coaching program. You are totally free to discuss each situation and get possible solutions to implement on your own.

2. What if I need more coaching after my 60-day period?

We provide a variety of coaching options outside of the On-the-Spot coaching if you need more focus and attention. You could enter into a longer engagement of 3-, 6-, or 12-months. Or, if the situational coaching suits your needs, you can purchase another package.

3. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Unfortunately, the On-the-Spot Coaching package does not have a money-back guarantee? You can cancel the agreement before the second session and get a refund of unused monies minus fees.