2021 Leadership Labs

Virtual Leadership Development Labs:
Transitioning Managers Towards Highly Effective Leadership

The Virtual Leadership Development Labs are designed to align Managerial Skills with Leadership Competencies.

The Virtual Leadership Development Labs are for you because:
-You are ready to transition towards highly effective leadership.
-You are ready to pivot and lead in the new workplace.
-You are interested in sharpening your leadership skills for a new role or team.

"Daphne, all I know about leadership I learned from the Boy Scouts.
I am not equipped for this job!"

It was this statement that compelled me to ensure that front-line leaders and mid-level managers had the necessary tools to be highly effective managers and ultimately organizational leaders.

We continue on this mission with our newest program, Leadership Development Labs, which are designed to create a space to learn, practice, and transfer management behaviors into effective leadership practices for Human Resources Practitioners, Front- Line Leaders, and Mid-level Managers.  Our Labs are delivered virtually.

Methodology: We couple context, capabilities, and coaching to create and develop transferable and actionable leadership competencies with the precision of management skills to create highly effective leaders. 

Participants in the Virtual Labs will experience the following:

  • Enhanced leadership capabilities focused on core leadership competencies
  • Learn practical leadership applications
  • Increased understanding and development of their unique leadership styles
  • Participate in 'real life' scenarios
  • Practice role plays through experiential learning


Each Leadership Lab includes the following:

  • A Leadership Assessment and Debrief
  • Two-hour Virtual Development Lab
  • One-hour Virtual Sustainability Session within 30 days following the Lab
  • Thirty-minute Virtual individual coaching session
  • Small-group Virtual Breakout Session
  • Access to our Assessment and Assignment Library


Who is ideal for joining our Leadership Labs?

If you are a Leader looking for professional development for your Front line Leaders and Supervisors*, OR
If you are a Front Line leader or Supervisor looking to enhance your Professional Development to Lead in the new work environment. If you are an HR Practitioner responsible for working or developing leaders at all levels.
 *This lab is also available as a Retreat Event for an organizational team on-site or virtual. Email Daphne for more details.


Investment: $575 Per Lab
(Each lab will be recorded and made available after the virtual session)


 Our Virtual Leadership Development Labs will be held: 

June 24, 2021

1:00 - 3:00 pm ET

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 Coaching Techniques for Team Performance

Aristotle is attributed to saying: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." In other words, when individual parts are connected together to form one entity, they are worth more than if the parts were in silos (adapted from astute solutions).

The Coaching Techniques for Team Performance Lab focuses on how to better coach employees to higher performance through connecting the importance of their role to that of the larger team. Coaching is a process of relationship building and setting goals. How well you coach is related directly to how well you are able to foster a great working relationship with your employees through understanding them and strategic goal setting:

  • The importance of coaching conversations
  • Connect individual performance to team performance
  • Identify collaboration drivers
  • Manage poor performers
  • Setting metrics that matter

Methodology: Our interactive lab will include the following: Lecture, Case Studies, Scenarios, Small-Group Breakout Sessions, and Pre- and Post-Lab Activities. 



July 22, 2021

1:00 - 3:00 pm ET

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 Do You Hear What I See? Incorporating Mindfulness and Active Listening Into Daily Leadership

As leaders, we are tasked to manage many activities and situations simultaneously. As a result, we often neglect the importance of our presence and focus on the task rather than the person.

The Incorporating Mindfulness and Active Listening into Daily Leadership Lab is designed to increase leadership presence. This lab has the ability to give participants an increased recognition of mental events in the present moment which provides countless benefits:

  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence
  • Five steps for Active Listening
  • Learn the four types of listening
  • Five techniques to build mindfulness

Methodology: Our interactive lab will include the following: Lecture, Case Studies, Scenarios, Small-Group Breakout Sessions, and Pre- and Post-Lab Activities.