2020 has been a year that will not soon be forgotten.  It will be talked about as the year humanity showed its resilience.

In many ways, 2020 felt like we had all stepped into an episode of the “Twilight Zone”, an alternate universe where we abandoned our sense of normalcy for the good of the world.  Through a rapid response, we modified our systemic way of living to accommodate or adapt to a new world order centered on the human experience.  An order that required us to make sacrifices to combat a universal threat.

This year may have been a time where we experienced a longing to return to a normal way of living, yet instinctively knowing that the new normal would be like an episode of “Back to the Future” where we desired to make small adjustments to the way things were so that we would be better equipped to navigate through the challenges of our present state.  In the midst of our storm – we learned new skills, new behaviors, and the ability to have an integrated life, where the personal, professional and public facets of our lives converged into a shared space. We learned agility.

We will reflect on how we managed to escape “Groundhog Day” by incorporating small adjustments to each day to create a healthy state of mind, a more productive way of being. We tested the capabilities of digital technology  to stay connected while distant, realizing that we are “ #alonetogether”

In 2020 we experienced a great magnitude of grief.  Grieving the loss of family members, friends, and work relations.  For many, we experienced financial challenges, health challenges, and a break in our psychological safety, and yet we found the strength through community to lift each other and to say to strangers “Lean on Me”.

As we prepare to leave “The Twilight Zone” – 2020 edition, our “Pursuit of Happyness” in 2021 will be graced with hopefulness, resiliency, and a greater sense of humanity.   We will use our restored consciousness to see the world and to fully engage to make it better for ourselves and others.

On behalf, of the team at DB Latimore Professional Services Group, we wish you  Peace, Love, and Joy.  We thank you for allowing us to serve you and be a part of your journey. We are looking forward to engaging with you in 2021. 

Stay Well and Be Safe.