Sometimes, in this complex life, we encounter challenges that seem insurmountable, but with the right guidance and support, we can unravel the knots and make our journey a little easier.

While consulting is a part of our firm’s  services, it is also a major component in all of our  business pillars, particularly as our clients journey towards work/life integration. Many of us struggle with the “be all syndrome” and overlook the positive aspects of “outside help” or engaging with specialist/consultants to support our desired lifestyle. 

I used to be one of those people who lived the “be all” mantra, rarely asking for help. I’m not sure if it was the thrill of discovery or proving to myself that I could successfully meet the demands of work and life.   Over the years, I’ve learned that asking for help has been literally life-changing. Whether it's home cleaners, getting a speaker coach, engaging with experienced professionals or even getting help with bringing groceries to the car, if I need to engage an expert, I will UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Not only does it avoid stress, it still allows me to focus my time and energy where it is needed most to navigate my journey. 

This month I encourage you to consider where you can consult an expert to help you execute and improve your quality of life. Don’t be afraid to solicit support, no matter how big or small the task. 

With Gratitude,


Hiring a consultant to help improve team dynamics can be a wise decision for several reasons. The specialized expertise in development, conflict resolution, communication, and collaboration, can significantly enhance the effectiveness of a team. When done correctly, they’re able to facilitate open and honest communication and create a safe space for concerns and ideas. Additionally, these engagements can provide guidance on establishing clear roles and responsibilities, fostering trust, and implementing effective feedback. 

Our clients have seen the direct impact of our services. Our unique, customized approach produces outcomes of empathy, understanding, and overall better operations. If you or someone you know could benefit from working with us, check out our latest blog, Unlocking Success: The power of consulting with DB Latimore Professional Services Group.




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Last month, we were honored to be a part of Manage HR Magazine’s edition on Diversity and Inclusion, as a featured Top 10 Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Company. Click here to read our article about, Operating Diversity in the Workplace.

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