If you know me then you know everything I do is by design. I try to keep the same intentions throughout both my professional and personal life. It’s who I am as a person and a leader, so those in my orbit can know what to expect from me.

When thinking through topics for this month, I knew immediately that I wanted to touch on the importance of showing up as a leader and having a leadership presence. More often than not when speaking with potential clients about leadership development labs, it is  mentioned  that managers at all levels are struggling to show up and lead with presence.  In the conversation , I ask for clarity and am told there is a noticeable lack of confidence, credibility is challenging due to not holding team members accountable and it is challenging to effectively communicate.  This  recurring theme, that I’ve noticed in the field, if I can speak  candidly, does not sit well with me.

Establishing a leadership presence is foundational in becoming an effective leader. Now you may be thinking, “well what does that mean, I’m already in a leadership role?” I encourage you to look beyond your title and examine your norms and practices. Are you noticing challenges within your team(s) that could be a direct correlation to your leadership presence, or lack thereof? The new age hybrid environment comes with many upsides, however some of the downside includes making it easier for leadership gaps to materialize. For this reason, at the core of the services we provide through our Productivity Powered by P.E.O.P.L.E.® model is leadership development.  

Are you exemplifying leadership behaviors? I invite you to evaluate some things that you could be doing better, for example: are you on time for meetings, are you prepared, or are you constantly making excuses and seeing the effect trickle down? Find ways to identify and correct negative behavior patterns, so that you can reap the benefits of unlocking the true leader inside of you.

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You may hear us talking about how important it is to continuously hone and develop your skill sets. This is because we’ve seen first hand how they impact one’s influence, impact, and career at large. No matter what stage you’re at or position/title you have, the importance of leadership presence will always stand. What are you doing to ensure that you are exuding behaviors that should be modeled after?

Blaming the pandemic would be the easy way out, so we’ll just say that the impact of that time in the workplace has brought about many challenges, one of them being accountability. We’ve worked with many organizations that have suffered from the lack of leadership presence, and we talk about this very sentiment, in our new blog, The Power of Leadership Presence.





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