This time of the year can be a bit heads down for some. Shaking off the new year jitters and holiday brain, it's a seemingly quieter time before Spring Breaks begin. However, let this be a reminder to not be so tunnel-visioned that you forget to build with the P.E.O.P.L.E. around you.

This month we hosted a Black History Month series on our social platforms, highlighting Black Men in our community/network who are trailblazing their own historic paths. One common denominator amongst all was their ability to build trust and leverage relationships, which allowed them to elevate to their next.

The phrase "If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together", is the exact mindset that should be infused into a team's culture. No matter how data-driven an organization is, innovation cannot occur without collaboration. If nothing else, I charge you to be open to connecting with new people and ideas!

Have you written down those 2023 themes, yet? I'll guess, that at least one of them will require a human connection. 

Find ways to build as you climb so that you do not have to "do it all alone". Stay encouraged and focused.

Happy building,



Do you believe you'd be in the same position you are in now if it weren't for the relationships you've established and built over time?

While the pandemic has opened up perspectives to the importance of mental wellness and grace, it has also created a gap in human connectivity. Let's face it, virtual meetings are dynamically different than in-person meetings. Our clients are able to reap the benefits of cultivating an environment of integration. Learn more in this month's blog, which discusses, the impact of relationship-building at work.




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Simply put, culture needs people and people require a connection. Expounding on last month's theme of culture, the relational foundation set upfront will determine not only an organization's longevity but the individual too.

This is the kind of topics we touch on at the Coach’s Counter. If you'd like to be a part of our monthly sessions & build with like-minded professionals, join us!



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