2021 Authenticity Retreat

DB Latimore Professional Services Group presents Authenticity 2021:

"Powering Up Your Next" Living In Motion


Saturday, July 17, 2021

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Eastern

Virtually by Zoom and On-Demand


Have you felt as if you have been going through the motion as you settled into the unprecedented times that ascended on us in 2020?  This year we are celebrating the Resiliency of Being, in both our physical, spiritual and professional realms and return to Living In Motion.  Join our Founder and CEO of the Authenticity Professional Women's Retreat, Daphne Latimore as she navigates us throughout the day on "Power Up Your Next" Living in Motion.  Throughout the day you will be inspired, challenged, and transformed on a journey that you don't want to miss.  


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Retreat Agenda

Morning Sessions

9:00 - 9:15 Retreat Opening

9:15 Jazzercise | Debbie Eberly


9:40 Finding Clarity in the Midst of Crisis: Thriving in the middle of uncertainty.  | Dr. Patrice Berry

In the midst of a global pandemic, financial uncertainty, job loss, and racial trauma, Dr. Berry found herself using all the skills she taught her clients more than ever. These skills were helpful in her personal life and in the lives of her clients. In the midst of crisis you can either give into the chaos or find clarity in the midst of the storm. Many people wait for the storm end and there is a way to gain momentum in the mist of difficulty. This session will empower you to move from surviving to thriving by addressing the seven dimensions of health and wellness (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, social wellness, and environmental wellness).


10:45 Living How the World See You: Stepping Into Your Greatness | Courtney Harper

Living how the World Sees You: Stepping into Your Greatness will be an engaging exploration of one's own character, feelings, motives, and passion.


Afternoon Sessions

12:00 Lunch | Keynote with Regina Clay

12:30 Social Networking

1:00 Backstory Authentically Leads to Your Purpose: Locating Your Sweet Spot | Johnnie Lloyd

Johnnie knows from experience the two greatest days in a person's life are the day they were born and the day a person discovers why they were born. She believes there is a "why" for everyone; that each of us was created with the potential to achieve greatness, to make a difference in the world, to add value to others, and as a result, experience a full and rewarding life. Last year, so much was uncovered for us and about us. You are already successful but let us get beyond what “they” are saying to what “you” are saying about you. You will learn   some ways to begin to find that "sweet spot” and move from success to significance. You will receive just a taste of how to tap into that core thought of what your definite major purpose is and see how your backstory can be a link to your authentic truth.


2:10 Jazzercise | Debbie Eberly


2:30 Listen to Me! How Women Can Be Passionate and Still Communicate with Power and Clarity| Wanda Scott

In this interactive session, attendees will learn how to passionately communicate, and not be blindsighted by unconscious perceptions. Excellent communication is not gender specific. Awareness is the key for women to excel in their communication in diverse environments. The closing declaration will empower the attendees as they leave to apply their new communication tools. 

Attendees will also learn:

  • Passionate does not equal Emotional  
  • Assertive is not Aggressive 
  • Tone Conveys Confidence 
  • How your presence is Power!  
  • Many words do not equate to clarity 

3:35  Authenticity Roundtable | Moderated by Daphne Latimore



 Meet Your Facilitators

Debbie Eberly

Debbie Eberly is a certified Jazzercise instructor and has been teaching Jazzercise for the past 26 years. She is also an ACE-certified Personal Trainer. Her passion is to motivate people to move.

Dancing is a fun way to get fit. If you can get your mind off of the fact that you are “exercising” and just have some fun, you will be more likely to stick with a movement program. Feeling better, looking more fit, having more energy, and losing weight are just some of the side benefits you’ll experience when you work with Debbie.

Learn more about Jazzercise at her FaceBook page Warrenton Jazzercise.

Dr. Patrice Berry




Dr. Patrice Berry, is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years of clinical experience. She provides outpatient therapy at her private practice, Four Rivers Psychological Services, LLC.

She has a history of overseeing a school-based therapeutic program for middle and high school students in Spotsylvania County. She specializes in treating children, families, and adults with histories of trauma, adoption, depression, anxiety, and adjustment/life stage issues.

As a speaker, she provides educational trainings on mental health awareness, integrating faith and mental health, and the impact of racism on marginalized communities. She also provides educational information on social medial (Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Clubhouse, and LinkedIn).

Courtney Harper


Building Blocks to Success LLC was founded by Courtney Harper who obtained a Master’s degree from Brenau University in Occupational Therapy.  During her first level II fieldwork during graduate school is where her passion was sparked in pediatrics.

Courtney has a unique method of teaching children, both with and without learning disabilities that they are in control of their own success and destiny. She does this by offering programs such as school readiness and Building Blocks to Success (BBTS) which allows the children to become aware of their person, environment, and occupation.

Building Blocks to Success, LLC offers services of a three-dimensional level. We provide a coaching model of early intervention for children ages 0-3 years in age, an academic model for school-age children in three counties, and a medical model for children in a clinical setting.  Building Blocks to Success also work with local community groups to provide life skills and social skills training where success is the only option.

Regina Clay



Regina Clay is a Resiliency Coach who specializes in helping professional women Bounce Back after experiencing a devastating setback. Her mission is to educate, empower and reframe the way her clients approach “failure” by showing them who they are “Beyond the Title.” 

After three decades of rising through the ranks in the public and private sector, including holding title of Deputy Chief of Staff for the Maryland Department of Human Services, Clay parlayed her expertise in strategic planning and organizing with her proclivity for personal development to create a proprietary system designed to help her clients get “unstuck.” Today, she is sought out by organizations big and small and private clients who are looking for her tangible strategies for “bouncing back better.”

A graduate of the University of Virginia, with a Master of Divinity from Howard University, and a Spiritual Life Coaching Certificate from Transformation Academy, Clay is an Ordained minister whose clients benefit greatly from the intersectionality of her unique approach that aligns very tangible tools with a sound spiritual foundation. 

Johnnie Lloyd




Johnnie Lloyd is a serial entrepreneur who has over 47 years in the arena of resources in private, government, and nonprofit organizations. She is known as a financial guru and transformation specialist. 

She is Chief Visionary Officer for Johnnie Lloyd and Associates under UR Legacy Conglomerate. She is a 3X International best-selling author, has community and other service awards, and provides services internationally. 

Her backstory is one of transformation, beating the odds, physically, emotionally, and financially. She knows the power of being at the crossroads of purpose and making the decision of limitless possibilities and the steps forward. Guiding others in the process of unveiling their purpose is priceless and something she is passionate about.  Helping women who are successful but searching for deeper meaning moving to significance.  Helping those who have or are facing adversity to be resilient regardless of their level(s) of success. "Adversity is Real" but success is optional we must choose it.

Wanda Scott  



Wanda L. Scott is a woman you want to hear. She is the Founder and CEO of WE, LLC Consulting Solutions, a woman-owned small business that specializes in Learning Strategy, Instructional Design, eLearning development, Coaching, Training and Facilitation. She brings deep expertise from her career navigating diverse environments into her speaking and training. Wanda’s experiences give her key insights into unique challenges and inform her passion and ability to empowers all who hear her.

She has a proven track record of helping her audiences and clients become more self-aware, build on their strengths and become better communicators influencing change. Throughout Wanda’s career, she experienced constant growth, forward movement and change. 

Now Wanda travels, empowering, educating, and encouraging others with practical experience on how to communicate, lead, transition, and redefine YOU. Wanda is known for her ability to turn a room full of tired, distracted people into an audience of encouraged and hopeful note-takers. She can coach others with vigor preparing them to realize the dreams and plans God has placed in their hearts. Wanda knows how to educate and will captivate you with her dynamic and down-to-earth delivery. 

 Meet Your Emcee

Daphne B. Latimore

Daphne B. Latimore is the founder and Managing Partner of D.B. Latimore Professional Services Group, a boutique firm specializing in Human Resource Management, Professional Coaching Services, Small Group Facilitation and Workforce Seminars.

She has over 30 years of progressive experience as an HR Practitioner and Corporate Executive. In addition, she is a featured columnist for Ealon Magazine and former columnist for Onyx Magazine. She has been featured on the hit Princeton Cable TV show, New Beginnings with Karen Delk and the Hit Washington DC Radio Show Speak out with Maria.

Daphne is passionate about advancing Human Resources as a profession and is committed to ensuring that “P.E.O.P.L.E” are an organization's greatest resource. As a result of her commitment, she developed the Productivity Powered by P.E.O.P.L.E. ®, a workforce productivity framework based on her years of experience working with leaders at all levels to improve workforce productivity. Additionally, Daphne has a passion to ensure that all voices are heard and developed equally, which led her to create the affinity series: Authenticity Professional Women's Retreat and the Veracity Professional Men's Summit. 




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